Wish Me

Making celebrations memorable and easy

Wish Me
Product Design
Client: Wish Me
Timeline: July 18 - Sep 18
Tools: Sketch & InVision
Overview: I worked with Wish Me to design the core function of their app, planning and creating events/parties. With Wish Me, you can create memorable invitations. Celebrations that no one will forget.

Design a platform where busy parents can plan and invite guests for celebrations and parties

Goals & success metrics

  • Efficiently create party plans
  • Easy to navigate and find information
  • Visual UI Design should fit the brand's guidelines
  • Benchmark should compete with successful apps
  • My Responsibilities

  • Planning & understanding the project scope
  • Conducting stakeholder interviews
  • Ideation & design decisions
  • Sketching, wireframing, mockup design, and prototyping
  • Iterate based on feedback

    Understanding the scope and problem


    Stakeholder interviews


    Defining user pain-points and goals


    Brainstorming ideas


    Designing ideas &; prototyping


    Iteration from feedback

    Prototype (visible on desktop only)

    Check out the final design!

    Want to know how we got here? Just ask! :)

    🙌 Lessons learned

  • Always ask the right questions, and communicate your understanding with the stakeholders
  • Stay organized and prioritize. With tight deadlines, I had to use time precisely and efficiently.
  • Continue to ask questions while the work is in-progress. This way you don't waste time doing the wrong tasks.
  • 🤔 Next step recommendations

  • If I had more time, I would perform a moderated user-testing and iterate from the users feedback
  • I would create an on-boarding process which would help users understand the app quicker
  • Update other Wish Me platforms to keep product consistency (colours, logo, and fonts)
  • Thanks for reading! 🙏

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