Optimizing motorleaf's landing page for increased customer engagement

UX case study for motorleaf.com

NEW motorleaf landing page design by Rajan Jangra
UX Design
Client: UX Contest
Role: User Research, Design, and Lean User Testing
Date: Sep 17 - Oct 17
Tools: Balsamiq, Sketch, & UsabilityHub
Motorleaf is a tool that allows people to create AI driven indoor farms.


Goals & success metrics

  • Increase the conversion rate of customer engagement through the subscribe form
  • Get more traffic converting to the contact page

Design strategy

  • Conduct heuristic analysis on their landing page to find current pain points
  • Re-define the purpose of their landing page
  • Re-design a focused & visually appealing landing page that will attract more customers
  • Heuristic Analysis results

Process, insights & decisions

Watch the video for my thoughts & decisions

New site-map

Site-map for motorleaf.com

This site-map will be a more efficient way to structure the website. It allows motorleaf to only show the important features about their product. Lastly, a better user-flow for users to get in touch.


Wireframe for motorleaf.com

A new & cleaner way showing important information to the users. No redundant information (for eg; pictures of 10 team members).

🙌 Lessons learned

  • Knowing what you want out of a landing page is super important. For our purpose, it was subscribers and people contacting the company.
  • Find inspiration and add your personal twist to your products. Don’t be boring with the words you use in your design. Our example was the mailing list. Instead of saying “Subscribe to the mailing list”, we use a more fun way of doing the same thing by saying “Be the first…! become a better farm owner…”

🤔 Next step recommendations

  • Consider a new site-map
  • More high-quality images, and showing off customer’s success through the “customers” page
  • Instead of customers calling to ask about price of the product, add a “pricing” page to inform the users

Thanks for reading! 🙏

Special thanks to: Adam Ruf for making this UX contest. Alex Kunchevsky and Kevin White on Dribbble for the Illustrations (in order).

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