How might blockchain technology save Detroit's depressed economy?

Detroiteer is a centralized blockchain system
Product Design
Client: George Brown College
Role: User Research, Design Strategy, and Prototyping
Date: Jan 17 - Apr 17
Tools: Balsamiq, Sketch, Unity, & InVision
About: Detroiteer is a cryptocurrency solution to Detroit's economic problem. It combines efforts of volunteers, private company investors, and the city of Detroit.


Detroit has an ill economy. We needed to create a solution that could revive the state of detroit.


Goals & success metrics

  • Bring people together
  • Visualize city's problems to the residents
  • Reward volunteers
  • Design strategy

  • Categorize volunteer opportunities
  • Involve people as much as possible
  • Create organized events for volunteers
  • Recommend jobs to people using their work history
  • Create a functioning currency
  • Process

    Since Detroit has little to no capital, we wanted to solve their crisis using minimal resources. After a lot of post-its, my group and I kept coming back to one question. "What does Detroit already have?"

    The PEOPLE!


    How might the people help revitalize their city?

    They might volunteer, but only a few percentage of people would be interested...

    How might we get more people involved?

    Compensate them for their efforts! But the city doesn't have enough resources...

    How might we compensate volunteers instead?

    My group and I were given a hint of hope from our professor, the word "cryptocurrency". We decided to research about cryptocurrency & the blockchain technology. After that, it was clear to us. This was the path to take.



    Official Google Definition : "a digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank."

    We decided to settle on this method since it could change the way people exchange services and products.

    Next, we decided that our solution would work best in a mobile app since most people have a smartphone.

    User Journey Map

    Journey Map

    My group and I created this journey map to understand a user's journey.

    Mobile App Design

    Mobile app design

    The mobile app we created after multiple iterations, and brainstorming sessions.



    Thanks for reading! 🙏

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