Improving Toronto's Transit System

Cubus in action
UX Design
Client: George Brown College
Role: User Research, Strategy, & Prototyping
Date: Sep 17 - Dec 17
Tools: Maya, Unity
Cubus is a concept solution for Toronto's slow transit system. Our task was to improve a city problem by rethinking technology and thinking decades from today.


Goals & success metrics

  • Improve efficiency of the transit system
  • Make transferring easier
  • Increase people's happiness towards the transit system
  • Design strategy

  • Interview TTC users to find out their needs & frustrations
  • Concept solutions
  • Create an immersive experience through VR or real space
  • Process

    First, we needed to understand what problems users faced. That's when we interviewed 100 people, asking them simple questions about their experience.

    5 simple questions

  • "Rate value"
  • "Rate Atmosphere"
  • "Rate Cleanliness"
  • "Rate Speed"
  • "Rate Friendliness"
  • Interview Results



    After multiple concept solutions, we stuck with Cubus.

    How is Cubus different?

    Cubus uses self-driving modular cuboids. It's different in a way that it can attach/detach freely. This gives Cubus an advantage over traditional street cars - it can move without a driver & go on set routes.


    Thanks for reading! 🙏

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