Redesigning AutoTraderCA to increase efficiency and satisfaction.

Redesigned AutoTraderCA app
1st Redesign iteration
UX/UI Design
Client: Personal Project
Role: User Researcher + Product Designer
Date: Aug 17 - Oct 17
Tools: Balsamiq, Sketch, & InVision
About: AutoTrader is an online auto classifieds site/app for trading vehicles. It aggregates millions of new, used, and certified second-hand cars from thousands of dealers and private sellers.


Being a heavy user of the app, I noticed a few things that could be improved for users. Firstly, "list a car" is bit of a tedious process (filled with tons of text-fields in one page), and there is no way to know who you contacted previously.

Goals & success metrics

  • Improve speed of navigating through the app
  • Make the app intuitive for new users
  • Increase user-time spent on the app to view more non-frustrating ads and make the business 💰
  • Design strategy

  • Conduct moderated usability testing with 4-5 participants
  • Analyse users reviews on play store
  • Compare with competitors to find strengths & weaknesses
  • Use personas to develop solutions
  • Iterate on design using wireframes & prototyping
  • Watch the video for my thoughts & decisions

    Moderated Usability Testing

    Other than my personal experience, I wanted to know the issues users were facing. So, I started by conducting user-testing on potential and current users for the app. I created a set of tasks for my participants, and tracked their reactions/words through-out the process.

    Participant Tasks

  • Find a car with less than 50,000 kms
  • Add the car to garage
  • Contact the seller with email
  • Delete the car from garage
  • Sell your car
  • Turn on app notifications
  • Usability Test Findings

  • 3 out of 5 of the participants didn't realize they could scroll down to view advanced options
  • All of the participants failed to swipe left to view "add to garage" option from search result screen
  • Listing a car was the most disliked task by the participants
  • 2 out of 5 participants failed to turn on notification
  • What participants said during the test

  • "Why do I have to fill everything to list a car"
  • "I didn't think that was a button"
  • "I am not too familiar with cars"
  • "Fullscreen ads? That's definitely going to make me delete this app"
  • "Why isn't there a way to know who you messaged?"
  • App Store Reviews

    Autotrader app reviews

    To validate the usability test results, I went to app store to find other problems users faced. Some people who use the app also use the web app and found missing features on the app.

    Competitive Analysis
    Personas helped me define the users and their goals.

    Wireframing and User-Flow

    I created low-fidelty wireframes to understand where the content should be placed on the screens. After the competitor analysis, it was clear that our app needed to catch up to the standard navigation and user-flow. I tested the wireframes on the same participants and they found "Sell my car" task to be more intuitive compared to the current app.

  • All 5 participants found the new flow to be more intuitive
  • With the new flow, no participants had complaints completing the "Sell my car" task
  • Mockups


    Few of the final mockup designs for the re-design of AutoTraderCA app. These were created using the brand-guideline colours of AutoTraderCA.

    Try selling your car on the prototype!


    Autotrader Home Screen Iteration 2
    AutoTrader Car Details Iteration 2
    AutoTrader Sell my car iteration 2

    Design is never finished. As I continue to learn more about UX and UI, I understood the advantage of bottom menu compared to hamburger menu. It was time to iterate the navigation pattern to allow more efficient user-flow and switching between tasks. The updated UI is an additional improvement within the past few months.

    🙌 Lessons learned

  • When user-testing, don't give users time to get comfortable with the app
  • Design is never finished. Iteration improves UX as we understand our users better
  • Always make sure research is acquired from multiple sources to make sure we meet user goals
  • 🤔 Next step recommendations

  • Ads should be placed carefully and shouldn't frustrate the users | No more full-screen ads
  • Help the users by providing tutorials & reviews for cars. Eg: on loading screen, it gives user a tip for trading cars
  • Test the design with another moderated usability test for continual improvement for the app
  • Thanks for reading! 🙏

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